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St Francis’ College

St Francis’ College

地區:Letchworth, Hertfordshire

從倫敦希斯路機場(Heathrow Airport)到St Francis' College:約需50分鐘車程
342 (寄宿生人數:52)
£11,170/學期 (寄宿)
£3,575-£6,080/學期 (日校)

St Francis College是一所位於倫敦以南、Hertfordshire區的著名花園城Letchworth的中小型女校。自1930年代成立至今,St. Francis College一直為英國及來自世界各地的女孩提供優質而多元化的教育。

學校非常著重每個學生的個人成長,因此St Francis College多年來堅持採用小班教學,讓老師們能夠專注發掘每一位學生的潛能,啟發她們的創意思維。

2021 Sunday Times排名: 152
GCSE A*-A/9-7 (2020): 73%
GCSE A*-B/9-6 (2020): 88%
A-level A*-A (2020): 41%
A-level A*-B (2020): 69%

St Francis College的成績一直維持相當理想的表現。在2020年的A-level中考獲A*-B的學生有接近70%,令St Francis College晉身全英排名頭200的學校。

St Francis College現時有接近60名寄宿學生,宿舍的家庭氣息濃厚,學生全天候由經驗豐富職員照顧,當中更有老師長駐宿舍,教導學生功課上的疑難。St Francis College的宿舍與別不同地設於學校大樓的頂層,寄宿學生即使在課堂以外的時間,也能隨時享用學校的設施。

寄宿年齡: 10-19
全校人數: 342
寄宿人數: 52
Art 美術 Biology 生物 Chemistry 化學 Economics 經濟 Maths 數學
Further Maths 延伸數學 Computer Science 電腦科學 Drama and Theatre 戲劇 Music 音樂 French 法文
Greek 希臘文 Latin 拉丁文 Geography 地理 History 歷史 PE 體育
Physics 物理 Government and Politics 政府與政治 Photography 攝影 Religious Studies 宗教研究  Psychology 心理學
2020-21年度每學期學費(每年3學期) (寄宿)
Year 7-8 Year 9 Year 10-11 Year 12-13
£11,170 £11,170 £11,170 £11,170
2020-21年度每學期學費(每年3學期) (日校)
Year 1-2 Year 3-6 Year 7-8 Year 9-11 Year 12-13
£3,575 £4,650 £6,080 £6,080 £6,080

From the school:

Set in the midst of Letchworth Garden City , St Francis’ College has been providing a first class education for girls for over 75 years, blending traditional values and a modern vision. 

This day and boarding school for girls aged 3-18 is a happy and thriving community providing a modern education based on Christian principles. Students receive individual care promoting their spiritual, moral, intellectual, creative and physical development. We recognise the unique qualities of each student and encourage social responsibility and respect for others.

Founded in 1933, the school is run by St Francis’ College Trust, an educational charity, as a multi-denominational Christian community, ecumenical in outlook welcoming pupils of all faiths. The school provides day time weekday education for girls aged 3 – 18 and boarding facilities and care for older girls.

Small class sizes, individual attention and a supportive, caring environment help ensure that each and every girl enjoys their education and reaches their full potential, academically, socially and in a wide range of activities and extra-curricular pursuits.

St Francis’ College is a happy and inclusive school, where achievement in all areas is encouraged and celebrated.

The College has grown and developed in many ways over that time but the principles of the early founding Sisters remain at the heart of the ethos of the College today.


St Francis’ College
Broadway, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, SG6 3PJ
+44 (0)1462 670511