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SIM Global Education

SIM Global Education
所在地 學校種類 成立年份 學生人數 國際學生百分比
Singapore 專上學院 1964 20,000 20%



SIM Global Education(SIM GE)有超過50年的專上教育經驗,現時在新加坡提供超過80個學術課程,又由於其卓越的教學質素廣受國際學界認可,因此多間國際知名大學均與SIM GE合作開辦學士及碩士課程,例如University of London, University of Birmingham, University of Southampton及University of Warwick等。SIM GE現時有超過20,000名學生,來自多於40個國家。

SIM Global Education (SIM GE) is the leading private educational institution in Singapore. It offers more than 80 academic programmes ranging from its own diploma and graduate diploma courses to Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes with top ranking and reputable universities from United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Drawing about 20,000 full-time and part-time students and adult learners from over 40 countries, SIM GE adopts a holistic learning approach to equip students with a global edge. Besides building their intellect and skills needed to thrive at the workplace, SIM GE hones the soft skills of students through a wide range of career development and student life activities, amid a culturally diverse campus environment.


 2016-17年度宿費及學費 (只列舉部分課程,詳情請向我們的顧問查詢)

COURSE Total Fee
SIM Management Foundation Studies SG$3,584 (6 months)
SIM Diploma Programmes SG$11,770 (15 months)
RMIT University, Bachelor of Business SG$21,186-SG$42,372 (1.5years – 3 years)
RMIT University, Bachelor of Communication SG$44,940 (2 years)
University of Wollongong, Bachelor of Computer Science SG$28,301-SG$32,314 (2.5years – 3 years)
University of Wollongong, Bachelor of Psychological Science SG$38,520 (3 years)
University of Birmingham, Bachelor of Science (Honours) Business Management SG$32,100 (2 years)
University of London, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Economics SG$17,600-SG$20,600 (2-3 years)
University of Southampton, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Marketing SG$34,240 (2 years)
University of Stirling, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Retail Marketing SG$38,520 (2 years)
University of Warwick, Master of Science in Engineering Business Management SG$32,100 (1 year)
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