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MLC School

MLC School

地區:Burwood, Sydney

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MLC School is an independent, nonselective Uniting Church school for girls from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 in Sydney’s inner-west region. From Pre-Kindergarten through to their time as Senior School students, MLC School girls dare to be more.

Led by a highly professional staff under the guidance of principal Ms Lisa Moloney, girls are challenged and encouraged to question traditional perceptions and roles of women and are instilled with the skills and confidence to take their place in an everchanging society.

The MLC School girl is empowered with skills and capabilities that enable her to be adaptive, compassionate and courageous. She embraces new challenges and opportunities; and strives for excellence. She is cared for and well supported so that she can confidently focus on her own individual, personal and academic growth. A wide selection of subject choices, as well as an extensive co-curricular program, aims to empower girls to be self-reliant and play an active role in their futures.

Learning in the Junior School

MLC Junior School is a hub of collaborative learning where girls can push the boundaries of their education from the very first days of their school life. The Junior School program evolves as each girl develops, starting with playbased learning in Pre-Kindergarten and then moving on to a tailored approach that focuses on each girl’s ability and challenges her to play an active role in her learning. The Junior School staff monitor every girl’s educational growth and maintain an open communication channel with parents as part of a partnership to support each student.

Senior Centre

The Senior Centre, opened in 2019, takes classroom practice to a new level and is reflective of modern workplaces. The aim is to equip girls with the skills to be successful in a collaborative team environment and to be comfortable in open-plan, flexible spaces designed for impromptu group work sessions.

Co-curricular Program

From the friendly competition in sport, the creative participation of music, dance and drama to the quick thinking of a vigorous debate, MLC School’s rich and extensive co-curricular program encourages girls to try something different, make new friends and find unexpected passions, strengths and talents in a safe, supportive environment.

HSC and IB in the Senior School

MLC School quickly recognised the value in offering girls a choice between the Higher School Certificate (HSC) or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme for their final years of study and so became an IB World School in 1999.

Detailed and personalised career advice is provided to every girl and her parents to support the conversations around the choice that will best suit her interests and learning style. Each student takes responsibility for her own path in the final years, and this is a crucial stage in her journey towards becoming an independent, fearless and empowered young woman.

MLC School girls consistently achieve strong results in both the HSC and IB. In most years, around 40 per cent of girls choose to study the IB.

Senior School Immersions

Year 7 to Year 10 are pivotal years at MLC School where girls experience Immersive Learning journeys that broaden each year.

In Year 7, girls spend “A Week in Shakespeare’s World”, during which they collaborate with one another, staff and members of Sport for Jove, a Sydney-based theatre company. The week-long rehearsal process culminates in a performance for parents and families.

In Year 8, girls undertake a two-week excursion to the City of Sydney to explore what makes a Sydney urban dweller and look to answer the question: “Do we shape our environment or does our environment shape us?” This experience instils in girls an understanding that learning can take place in any environment and provides them with an appreciation of the need to be agile and flexible.

Year 9 girls embark on a trip to Broken Hill, where they learn lifelong skills such as budgeting, purchasing food supplies, cooperation, communication and conflict resolution. The Broken Hill trip has been in place at MLC School for more than a decade.

In Year 10, the students are ready to go global, travelling to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Girls labour intensively and assist in building roads, playgrounds and classrooms for remote, impoverished communities. Teamwork and collaboration are engendered as girls teach in a Thai orphanage and gain a strong understanding of the people and culture of Thailand.

Visit the campus, meet the girls and professional teaching staff and experience the benefits of joining the MLC School community.

MLC School
Rowley St, Burwood NSW 2134, Australia