Blackheath & Thornburgh College - 大地海外升學 Dadi Education
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Blackheath & Thornburgh College

Blackheath & Thornburgh College

地區:Richmond Hill, Queensland

從Townsville到Blackheath and Thornburgh College:約需1.5小時車程
AU$37,234-45,935 (寄宿)
AU$23,794-30,155 (日校)

Small, friendly and inclusive

We are a small, intimate college currently catering for 260 students, including 120 boarders. We really are focused on the individual; with small class sizes and teachers who get to know every student, we ensure we can open up opportunities for every child.

We promote cultural diversity, with students from a range of cultural backgrounds and locations.

A whole-of-learning experience

We aren’t a specialist school that focuses on particular subjects or educational areas at the expense of others. We take a whole-of-school approach, providing a fully-rounded, high quality educational programme with opportunities for children to develop a vibrant enthusiasm for and expansive knowledge of a wide range of subjects and interests.

Teaching that caters to the individual

Small class sizes means a firm teacher-student bond. Each student gets the attention and commitment they need, using latest technology, interactive tools and of course, passionate teaching.

We are one of the very few schools in Australia to adopt the Arrowsmith Program – and the only Australian Boarding School which runs it. This unique and proven approach to address academic skill deficits in children who have difficulty learning, intervenes and strengthens the weak cognitive capacities that affect learning and has proved immeasurably successful.

Family-centred and community-focused

We are a small College, proud of the strong and personal connections we make across the campus. Our students know each other and interact across ages, not just classes. Our Principal and teachers know not just students’ names but also their individual stories and histories.

We have a long family history, with some families now sending 4th and 5th generation students to our college. And while we focus on quality education, we also have a real sense of fun.

Caring and compassionate

Our campus is a safe, secure and caring environment, away from the pressures of larger town and city life. Supportive teachers and boarding staff work tirelessly to promote confidence and personal well-being in our students, whatever their backgrounds.

We have a fervent community spirit – underpinned by our belief that students should give of themselves to others as much as learn about themselves.

Energy and dedication

Our students develop positive approaches to learning and life during their time at BTC, sharing their enthusiasm with each other and staff.

Our teachers understand the importance of this time of life for our students and provide inspiring approaches to learning through dedicated involvement both in and out of the classroom.

Teaching is as important as learning

With education evolving so rapidly, we see it as critical that our staff are kept up to date with the latest developments and in support of this we have a formal Professional Development structure in place.

All staff are strongly encouraged to review professional development opportunities relevant to their teaching area/s and apply to attend. Opportunities that arise from the Independent School of Queensland and Queensland Studies Authority are well-attended.

Blackheath & Thornburgh College
55 King St, Charters Towers City QLD 4820, Australia
+61 7 4787 5100