Da Di Overseas Studies Service Centre is an experienced and highly regarded education consultant company in Hong Kong.  We have been in the industry for 21 years, and have recruited many thousands of quality students for our overseas partner institutions over the years.  We are also one of the largest overseas studies consultancies in Hong Kong, as we have established 4 local branch offices, all situated in the main commercial districts, including 1 in Mongkok, 1 in Tsuen Wan, 1 in Shatin and 1 in Wanchai.

We have a strong team of very experienced and well trained Education Counselors.  Most of them are graduated overseas, including from the UK, Australia, and the USA etc.  They are able to share their overseas studying and living experiences with our prospective students.  Our Counselors are frequently invited by our overseas partner schools to participate in their familiarization school tours, and to attend their education conferences.  In addition, our company will also organize our own overseas trips regularly every year for our counselors to visit our partner schools.  Through these overseas visit and tour activities, we are able to establish and maintain strong and close working relationships with each other.  Moreover, not only will our counselors be able to increase their knowledge about our partner schools, students and parents will also develop their trust in our counselors who have personally seen the schools.

Every year we will invest significant amount of budget in our extensive and on-going marketing programs to promote our overseas partner schools.  The promotion programs include organizing education exhibitions, conducting seminars, and launching various advertisement projects through the most popular local media, such as the leading newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong, the MTR, and the Internet.  As a result, thousands of potential students and parents are attracted to visit our branch offices, as well as to attend our various promotional activities throughout the year.  We are proud to highlight that there is no service charge for our students who seek our counseling service, make enquiries about school information, and apply through Da Di for studying at our partner institutions.

Da Di will strive with our best efforts to maintain a consistently high standard of recruitment productivity for all the institution.  Should you wish to further discuss about any matter, please feel free to contact us at (852) 23148312 or email to us at at any time.